Countdown to Christmas

It's always Christmas
in Cloudcroft!

It's Christmas year-round in Cloudcroft, the Christmas Capital of New Mexico!

A beautiful blue spruce tree with the mountains and clouds of Cloudcroft New Mexico in the background.
Christmas Magic Year Round

Nestled among the picturesque mountains of New Mexico, Cloudcroft effortlessly earns its title as the Christmas Capital of New Mexico, where the holiday spirit lingers like a cherished guest who just can't bear to leave. Perhaps it's the crisp mountain air or the gentle whisper of the pines, but there's an undeniable magic in Cloudcroft that makes you believe in the enchantment of Christmas all year round. When snow falls, it turns the landscape into a winter wonderland, as if Cloudcroft has been sprinkled with extra helpings of holiday joy. Christmas has found a year-round home in Cloudcroft, where every day feels like a celebration of the most wonderful time of the year.

Robert Whittaker
Lead Accountability Orchestrator